Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome Back...

Welcome Back, Kotter's Horseshack passed away yesterday. As a kid, I remember watching this show and getting a good laugh at his enthusiastic, hand-raising gesture.  So, it just seems appropriate to start my blog off today with some furniture ideas that makes me want to grunt: Ooooh, uttt-ooo! Here are some things that I hope to put in our home:

Here is the King Sized bed that we will get for the MBRM.  I have have a nine piece chocolate brown dresser, a chest, and two night stands that will go perfectly with this set.  This bed can be found at

Looking to bring in color, and these chairs will definitely do it for our dining room.  I have a glass hexagonal shape table with a neutral stone base.  Our dining room will be fun and informal.  To find this chair, go to

This is a storage ottoman that I will incorporate in the MBRM. To find this ottoman, go to

Plantation Shutters that I will use for the bathroom window coverings.

Simple, timeless and practical console table. I will use this in the morning room space. To find this console, go to

This will go in our Dining Room. Great for storage and for entertaining. To find this buffet, go to

At first I thought I would use these chairs in the dining room, but instead they will be in our study. To find these chairs, go to

Storage is a must for us, and I really like this table for our family room or potentially the basement..

I really like the curves of this piece. I think this sofa table will look great in our family room and will accent furniture we already have.


  1. Do you think you could add where you found this stuff? I love your choices... especially the dining room stuff and the console tables. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, I wish I had your vision!!

    I just go the Levin Furniture a bulk store here and pick..this ...........and that.

    I am now following you bloggers to see your ideas, cuz I love yours much better, can you list under your pics where you are looking....

    I know its a request....Im a pain the butt!!!

    Luv it luv it, nicely done!!!

  3. Colette, you and are were requesting the same funny!!

    BTW the plantation shutters are fabulous....I want those too.......

  4. Hi Danielle, that was cute! Nice way to start this post! May he rip!! I am really digging those dining chairs and tables. HOtt stuFf!! How are you doing with the spreadsheet, can't wait!?

  5. Thanks everyone for your compliments. I found the chairs, the sofa table, the coffee table, the plantation shutters, and the buffet all on I found the bench at JCPenney and the bed at Costco. I will update the pictures too. Nadase, I have not had time to work on the spreadsheet...will send it asap.

  6. I love your choices! I am going to check out Never thought to shop their for home furnishing.