Monday, August 6, 2012

Let the Decorating Begin...

Since we were told not to make any major purchases, I have decided that doing a little virtual shopping will suit for now.  I have always liked home decorating. In my first house, I played it very safe with color.  My carpets were neutral, my furniture was neutral and my carpets, well you guessed it, were NEUTRAL!  The mindset then was that of resale. But this go around, I'm  going to  be bold, brave, and creative. I'm going to decorate with out fear!  We plan to live in this house for 10-15 years, so why not make it fabulous? Once we're done with our building process, I look forward to blogging about decorating; so stay tuned for more fun to come.  Until then, here are a few re-purposed items that I will incorporate into my first planned room, the guest room. And as pictured below, the furniture will be re-used from what we have.  I have a transitional black table with silver handles.  And the artwork…well, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods will certainly be my first places to visit, but for now, I have these great black and white photos that I framed.   Also, for the wall, I have this cool wall art that I picked up at HomeGoods last week. I thought I could find a great picture of the Eiffel Tower and faux frame it on the wall.  I still need help with window treatments and wall color--any suggestions?  
Right now my sister is "borrowing" this end table to house her cable box. Now that I  have room again for my furniture, I will use this and the sofa table just like it for furniture in my guest room.  I bought this table about 5 years ago from Target.  
I've had these lamps for 10 years. Another HomeGoods find, I will paint a pattern on the lampshades. On HGTV Design Star, one of the contestants used painters tape to create a pattern and it was so unique. I think I will go with the lime green color, and try a zig-zag print. 
I purchased these bins to place my wedding keepsakes, guess they will get front and center use in the guest room. 
This is not a re-purposed item, but a good find at HomeGoods two weeks ago. I paid 5 bucks for this faux wall art. I think it will look perfect in the room.  
So although I have been to Paris twice, these pictures were in a calendar. Yes, I purchased the calendar from TJ Maxx about 12 years ago and then decided to frame the pics.  

By the way, the frames are from HomeGoods and they're about 10 years old.
Bedrooms should be fun, luxurious and a statement of your personality.  I tend to decorate in themes so for one of our guest bedrooms I'm going for French-fun-chic.  Yeah, I'm making ups phrases now too!   But, I have decided to go with twin beds, only because I have guests over for a weekend, like my college friends and I'm sure they'd much rather have their own bed, than share one.  So, to round off my French theme, I'm going for big color but with an elegant, classic flair.  I will have a nailhead headboard with still a neutral tone (I know, I said I'm going bold…but you still need something neutral in the room) of charcoal grey.  For the linens, I'm going for simple, black and white but with a contemporary bright, like lime green.  Here are pictures below of other pieces to round out the room:
The linens for the room
The headboard enlarged, found on

The color we're going after, charcoal grey


  1. Love it all! Love the linens, the headboard and the colors. Even though I've only been to Paris once, I totally had black and white Paris shots in my old office. Including a very similar shot from inside the clock at the Musee de Orsay. They will certainly resurface somewhere in the new house.

    And is HomeGoods the best place ever, or what?

  2. This is definitely the fun part--I love interior design! Your choices are very pretty!!

    When they asked you not to make any big purchases, what exactly were they referring too? I know that opening up new accounts is a NO, NO! Did you ask about making large cash purchases?

  3. WJ…I love HomeGoods and the Musee de Orsay was my favorite museum. Nadase, cash is always good, but no credit:-) Thank you both for liking my choices!

    1. Thanks Danielle for the clarity! We purchased some new furniture yesterday with cash and we were feeling a bit nervous! lol I am glad we did because they had a special promotion with no tax, 5% off the already 40% and $150 additional off your total if you purchase three pieces for the bedroom. It was a great deal. I am going to post pictures later.

      BTW--I am really digging the lamp and table. I love pieces that speak to you!

  4. I love that headboard... I want to put the white one in my master bedroom. THanks for sharing! Love the color combo too!

  5. I think the headboard looks great in white and it will look lovely in your master bedroom too!