Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Curb Appeal!

 So grateful to SLS lanscaping for making our front yard look great! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Ryan Woes

Hi everyone,

We're now gathering bids to finish our basement. So far we've had two people come out and we're waiting for a third on this Friday.  The first contractor that came out informed us that Ryan installed our 3 piece rough-in WRONG.  Can you tell me how annoyed I was to hear this information?!? First, we paid $300 for a home inspector who MISSED this issue, and the ENTIRE reason we paid $1500 for the 3 piece rough-in was to avoid additional cost when we decided to finish our basement.

In addition to the rough-in problem our stoop is literally crumbling.  We had our Ryan rep come out to take a look and he claims it is from us putting salt on the concrete.  My astute husband questioned, well, if salt did that to the stoop, is the sidewalk and walkway material different from the stoop? Because he pointed out that we used the same material on the sidewalk, walkway, and stoop and the other items are not crumbling.  Remember Arsenio Hall's skit…"things that make you say, Hmmm?"  Well, we were informed by Ryan that they'll put some compound on the stoop (but they can't give a date when) to smooth out the surface.  The Ryan rep, Steve Herring said, just to let you know, my manager looked at the stoop and he agreed with me that it was salt. Whatever, dude!  Just fix it so it looks better than what it looks now. As far as the 3 piece rough-in…they subcontractor that did the work for Ryan is coming out on 6/13.  We also need the floor subcontractor to come out AGAIN to replace some of the floor planks and  to replace the damaged baseboard.

Now in hindsight, I'm really regretting doing new construction.  Our walls are bumpy, the seams suck, and the sub floors really stink in this house.  Initially I thought we'd be here until my daughter graduates from high school…not too sure about that now.  We may be moving out of this house sooner than we thought, but we'll see.

Now onto some fun stuff…my side light shutters were installed today!  They look great, and definitely provide privacy.   We are still painting. The family is now finished.  We're wall papering our kitchen/garage entry way hopefully this weekend. Once the project is complete, I will do a post. We are getting landscaping tomorrow.  Can't wait to have the curb appeal updated.

Family room is painted...Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.