Saturday, August 4, 2012

On our way to framing

I've been missing in action for a few days. A lot has been going on…besides the house, I took a ride down to DC metro to meet with the property manager of my house.  Long story short, I'm doing the mad dash to fix up the rental and hope to goodness that we'll be able to sell that house sometime next year.  I know that people think having multiple dwellings is money and provides another income stream, but for us, the fact the house is 5 hours away is a pain. We know that things will ultimately work out and we just need to maneuver a few things and then we will exhale.  

I spoke to our PM, Matt and our house is being framed!  So, below find a few pictures of the progress of 105 and enjoy the weekend too!


  1. Somebody has WOOD! Let the framing BEGIN!! Good luck with getting settled with your rental!

  2. Woohoo! It will be a house before u know it!

  3. It seems like the process is going slower than yours. But if I remember correctly, as soon as the framing went up, everything else flew.