Friday, September 27, 2013

On a Blog Roll Today!

I just posted and here I am again with a second installment!  I wanted to address the change in my blog name and even the color scheme. First, I've been fiddling around for years with the idea of doing home decorating.  I know my husband would like for me to spend someones money over my own or better yet for me to get paid to go to HomeGoods to scout out fun home accessories.

For years friends, neighbors, and work colleagues have encouraged me and complimented me on my  natural and innate eye for decorating and organization.  I decided that I'm going to hunker down and make this passion of mine a business. So, Dee Wright Design was born!  I also figured the best way to showcase my talents and skills is to share it with all of you, my very best blog friends, yup you didn't know that you're  all  my VBBF's?

Therefore, I gave my blog a little face lift and a new color scheme, my latest color combination obsession is pink and orange; isn't pretty?  I even freshened up the title with "One Room At a Time" , cute, right?  Honestly the phrase, one room at a time has been my mantra with  moving into a new home that I needed to fill.  As I go forth and decorate our home, "one room at a time", I'm going to take you my VBBF's with me!

My posts will start to focus on the rooms, the finds, and the organization of my ideas.  I hope that these future posts will inspire you and help you with your own decorating conundrum. I vow to at least blog once a more long weekly hiatus' for me.  So, since I just did two entries in one day...I will do a post by next Friday. In my next post, I will share my final room reveal of my daughters room. Until then... happy decorating and enjoy the weekend too!

10 Month Inspection...

Once again, I've been missing in action. A ton of things have been going on in our lives.  First, we lost my father-in-law a month ago.  Although he was sick with a chronic disease that was managed by doctors and  through medication,  his death came sudden, it was unexpected, and was not caused by his disease but rather by an aggressive form of bacterial pnemonia.  We're still grieving and missing him a lot. My Father-in-law was a self made man and a quiet leader.  He taught us many things, but I think his greatest lesson was to love the Lord, work hard, and love your family more.  We'll take those memories and lessons with us Pop-Pop...gone, but not forgotten!

In the midst of all of that,  we had to complete our 10 month inspection and we're still going through the process.  Although we initially did not find a ton of things that needed repair, we did have some BIG issues that needed to be addressed.  Below, please find our list of concerns:

1. Weather Stripping on garage and front door need to be replaced
2. Nail pops (not too many but don't you know after the drywall repairman came out a ton appeared...karma is a beyotch!)
3. Grading of our backyard.  This seems to be a common issue with Ryan Homes, all I can say is what's up with that?
4. Towel bars and toilet holders are crooked and need to be secured.
5. Creaky wood floor---This is our BIG concern and an outstanding issue (more to read below).
6. Master Bathroom vanity door needs to be secure/aligned.
7. Uneven/sunken floors beneath the carpet.

As I said the list is not that long but some of the issues on this list are HUGE!  So, here is the deal about the creaky wood floor:  when we first moved in we were told by our PM that creaks in hardwoods is normal. Our PM further told us that the hardwoods would swell in the summer--hence the creaks would fade and that during the winter the hardwoods would shrink and we'd here creaks between the space.  Ok--I get that, and when I started hearing the creaks during the winter I thought nothing about it. Well, the creaks continued during the summer and they have become far worst to the point of creaking followed by a popping sound.  When the RH inspector came to our house and walked the floors, I could see it written all of his face that this indeed was not good.

He took the issue back to his manger and then two weeks went by and we did not hear anything back.  I spoke the the RH inspector and  inquired about the floors.  The RH inspector said that he HAS NEVER seen or had this situation before but in all likely purposes the floor will need to be replaced. I think the issue here is not Ryan Homes but the contracting company they hired out to do the work.  We're scheduled to have the flooring company to inspect the floors on stay tuned on this one. The other flooring issue is that the sub flooring is sinking in certain places under the carpet, so the same flooring company will take a look at this on Monday as well.

I've read many posts from others and their inspection experiences. I agree, that my experience with buying a Ryan Home was for the most part enjoyable.  However, I think if there was anything they could do to make their company even better is to have a two year inspection window.  I know that will never happen and it would take more time and money probably away from them but I already  know that more things will most likely pop up and you guessed it, it will be our headache to handle it.

I already noticed that my outside shutters, doors and trim will probably need to be repainted by next year.  I'm not sure what paint products Ryan uses but the quality is not great.  But I guess this is what home ownership is all about--maintenance and repair!

Happy building everyone!