Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Party planning Passion!

Hi everyone,

I haven't updated my blog in sometime. We've been busy preparing for baby and part of those plans included hosting my baby shower.  I know…I hear you all saying, "Umm, why were you planning your OWN shower?"  Well, I  planned my shower because I love party planning.

So, there you have it…I saw this as an opportunity to expand my creative talents and I enjoyed every minute of the plans. First, I started with a theme--which for me was "Breakfast at Tiffany's"…one of my favorite movies of all time. I like to say that Holly Golightly was the first Sex in the City Girl…Carrie Bradshaw has nothing over Holly!

Here are some pics of the shower.  It's amazing how helpful the internet is with finding cute things.  I love Etsy.com!  I even found petits fours from an amazing bakery in California. OMG…these petit fours were delish!  I am already planning to get them for the next party I will host, probably for the baby's baptism.  Thanks for taking a peek, and let me know if you have an upcoming party…I would love to provide ideas!

Happy building and partying too!
Here is a sample of the invitation…found on Etsy.com

My sister created an activity called the blessing bowl. Here guest wrote a note to the baby. Each year, on her birthday, we'll read the blessing. 

Instructions on the blessing bowl.

Completed blessings...

Every party needs a signature drink. This one is called Gabriella's Pink Elephant. It was good and alcohol free for me, of course!

Dragonfly Bakery delicious petits fours! Extra cute that they're in the shape of the Tiffany box.

Etsy.com again!  Really cute cookies with the Tiffany's theme.

Sam's club can be your friend…I added the bling in the middle of the cupcake to make it Tiffany's fabulous.

Our candy buffet…a thank you to my guest! The candy included lollipops, chocolate bars, gum drops, and old fashion taffys. 
Again, an Etsy.com find…a candy bar wrapper that was complete with nutritional  facts. I downloaded the wrapper and found tape at Michael's that was the same print/pattern. Of course I added the rhinestone to make it extra festive. 

Jewels and flowers as the center piece.  I threw in the pink to show off our anticipation of a girl. 

And the guest of honor…my little Ella bella in my belly!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tre Magnifique!

I always wanted to learn the language of love, French.  When it was time to take a language class during high school, I chickened out because I heard that  French was difficult to learn.  Ask me if after 2 years of high school Spanish and 3 years of college--can I speak Spanish?  No, hablo!
France is a beautiful country.  The style and finesse of the French is addictive.  I remember seeing the Eiffel Tower on my first visit in 1998 and having my breathe taken away. Who knew that 14 years late, the Eiffel Tower would be the  inspiration for my daughter's room. As you know, this is my first biological child (I have a stepson from my husband's previous relationship), and in an odd way, there is another first for me--this room is my first ever design job. I was able to share my vision with a talented artist, Tene and through her talents, the mural came to life. Then picking out the paint color, adding the crown molding, selecting the furniture, and spending too many hours in HomeGoods was a great ride for me.  I adored every minute of the design process. 

If you can't tell, this room is a labor of love for me  I look forward to putting up the window treatments, assembling the crib (who am I kidding that is my husband's job), and then adding more pieces like the glider, ottoman, and changing table (not looking forward to changing dirty diapers but it comes with the territory of being a mommy). 
So, please enjoy the pictures below and know the final addition to the space will be when my daughter moves into her new room. We're 5 weeks and counting... Happy building and happy decorating everyone!

Here is a picture of the 3 pictures on the focal wall.

Here is the dresser--the inspiration for the room, the lamps and mirror. Yes, thanks HomeGoods for all these items! It's cool how the wall artwork is reflected in the mirror.

As a former teacher, reading is important.  I've read to her a few times already, but plan to read to her every day once she arrives.  Reading is fundamental!

Panoramic view of  the room.