Friday, August 24, 2012

New Pics and a Few Other Things...

I have not posted a blog in over a week.  As far as the house, we had a pre-wiring meeting with our Guardian Rep. The meeting was simple, mostly because we did not get any extra home wiring features.  Our PM called on Wednesday to set up our Pre-Drywall meeting.  So, we will have that meeting next week. At that time, we will be given a date for settlement and then I will start my packing process.    Hope you all enjoy a great weekend…check out a few pictures below.  Happy building!

Plumping pipes and a vies of the family room from the kitchen. 

Edenton Brick is on deck. 

Adding the brick.

Side view of the Georgian Clay siding. 

I like our choice of Edenton Brick.  I should note that they cemented the garage. I look forward to seeing the house with shutters. Right now, it looks a little naked. 



    We nearly went with the Savoy model. It was only approved for one lot in our development and ultimately chose the Ravenna. Our Ravenna Elevation A looks very much like the Savoy. The difference is almost indiscernible. We close next week, are paying painters to come in, then move in in 12 days. I am ready to get out of our apartment!

  2. Congrats on your upcoming closing! I can only imagine how anxious your are to be in your new home!

  3. As you know we are building a Savoy in Pittsburgh, but still havent broke ground yet, so i love watching your house go up......I have to ask, I have never been in a Savoy with our master suite....i know its over the garage and by the looks I wonder if our walls in our bedroom with appear "cape cod" like???? I dont think so will it?? You know. slanted like??? I am probally thinking too much at this point...ahahahahaha...Do you have any pics of a done Savoy? I am asking our SR tomorrow if there is a model nearby......hmmm???

  4. Hey, DWtimes2…look at my post from June or July under the title for the Love of Model Homes, and check out the Savoy model home pics. Thanks Dee for liking our brick color.


  5. Looks great Danielle! I really love the brick.

  6. Hi Danielle, It's a joy watching your home take shape!!