Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pre-drywall Meeting

Hi everyone!  Yesterday we had our pre-drywall meeting and everything went well. We are pleased with the quality of construction of our home.  Our PM gave a detailed review of our home, allowed me to ask questions (I guess I have the reputation of being on "it"), and our PM was aware of the minor issues that I brought to his attention. 

The next step for our house is the sheet rock phase.  As a matter of fact, that happens today and will go until tomorrow.  Our PM reminded us that we not visit the home during these two days.  But, I'm sure I will take a look at the house on Saturday, so I can capture some pictures and see what our home looks like with walls!  I also saw that our neighbors to our right have the foundation down for their house and the lot to our left has been sold! I believe there are only 4 lots left in our community!  I'm so glad that we took the risk to be the first sale.  Who knew that the community would sell so quickly?  

So drum roll, please……we were given a settlement date of October 15 and we could not be any more happier with that date.  We currently live in an apartment, and our lease was to end on 11/10, but I just spoke with our apartment manager, and she is ok waiving two weeks for us, so we'll be moving on the spookiest day ever--Halloween!

Now the work begins (yes, Nadase, I really need to work on that spreadsheet) and we will start to look for movers and will put on our packing hat.  We are so grateful for this experience and thankful to God for blessing us.  With that being said, here are a few pics of the house. I hope all of your homes are coming along too…happy building everyone!

Our recessed lights for the kitchen.

Outside outlet and another example of some brick work that needs to be fixed.  
At first I thought this was a mistake because the brick at the base of the window is turned down. But I learned yesterday that this is a good thing to prevent water from seeping into the home, etc. 

This is the outlet for one of the outside lights.  
If you look closely, you can see a space between the brick and the trim. Our PM said they will fix this.  
We have a garage door. My husband did not understand why I was so happy about the door.

Latest picture of the house. 


  1. Looky, Looky at what we have HERE!!! A settlement date and a beautiful Edenton Brick home! It looks so pretty, I can't wait to see it with the shutters! What color did you pick for both? HOLLA!!

    Ok, Danielle, this is great! I am rubbing my hands together--can't wait to get my hands on that spreadsheet. lol lol

  2. Thanks Nadase and M. We have chosen black shutters and a red door. I look forward to seeing what the house will look like when it is completed.

  3. Yay everything looks great. We are set to close between the 11th and 15th of Oct. So we might be settlement twins =-).

  4. Nice choices Danielle!! It is going to look very pretty. In the feng shui world, the red door is a great color!

  5. Wow looks awesome...!! Even we are building a Savoy with the same elevation!
    So waiting to move in!!
    Check out my blog..