Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Lesson in Gratefulness

I think you remember from a previous post, that it has been a week since I've been by the house. I admit, as a Type A, control freak with OCD tendencies, not checking in on the house in over a is HUGE.  Last night I took a drive to see the house, and there she stood, with her roof on, a door, and windows!  

Here is our Savoy.

Wow, I thought to myself, this is really coming together.  So, for the first time ever, I walked into our home. 

We have a door!

 Carefully taking in the absence of walls, but still able to envisage the house; I  talked out loud stating which room each open space represented. Walking I said outloud: here is where the powder room will be, here is where the study will be, here is where the dining room will be, and then I walked into the family room, and shouted:  No, No, Nooooooo, this is NOT where the fireplace is suppose to be! 

This is where the fireplace is now, on the rear wall.
This is where the fireplace will be replaced to, the side wall (the empty wall straight ahead). This is a view of me standing in the middle of the kitchen.

Immediately,  I could feel the blood start to boil in my veins, and if that was not enough, there I saw the tree stump of the tree that was supposed to be saved! 
Here is the stump that will be removed...roots and all.

What in the world has happened?  I'm absent for one week and all calamity breaks out?  Yes, this control-freak was about to have a conniption fit and you know when you let one negative thought in, they're like a gang of thugs that travel in a pack.  Therefore, I  started thinking things like:  "yeah, this house is too small, too bad you could not afford the bigger house, or  the bathrooms are so tiny, and what about the walk-in closets, didn't you think they were bigger?"

Oh, I was having a time wrestling with this negative energy, but I had something for these thoughts. Through God's grace I was able to muster up the spirit of gratefulness and started speaking words of truth, such as recognizing the blessing of building a house in today's economy.  Unlike so many others, we were able to get a mortgage, we were able to afford a down payment and closing costs, and  if that's not enough, we're able to move into a lovely, well established community!  So, take that negativity!  Oh, and it's true  the fireplace and the tree thing are obstacles, but there is always a solution to any problem.  Getting into my car, I looked back at the house and said to myself, things will get fixed. Turned on my new favorite song that has become my morning mantra for startig the day so that I can face any adversity and I knew that tomorrow represented a new opportunity, a new start to make things right.

And sure enough, this morning my SR and PM responded to my email message and confirmed the tree was an obstruction, but the roots will be removed and the fireplace placement was a mistake, and Matt, our PM was already on it!  So, things do work out and I will continue to be in a state of gratefulness.  Below,  please enjoy my morning mantra gospel tune, Gratefullness:


  1. Danielle, well done!! I love this SONG!! Your house is so beautiful! Your door is amazing with the transom at the top! It's so amazing how some of the things we want we can't have in the moment and how other things we can manifest with faith. How I would love to have a grand entry door such as yours; however, with our model we cannot. So my focus has been on including the structural things we cannot do after. Yes, let's give thanks for all that we have and let's continue to allow God to create the way for MORE! Ephesians 3:20

    Here is my mantra:
    Don't let anyone, at anytime, for anything, for any reason disrupt your peace! NOT EVEN ME!

    This has gotten me through many of those experiences where I was alone in my head without adult supervision. lol smiley face

  2. Nadase, you're always right on time. Thanks for the support and encouragement too. I also will incorporate your mantra!

    1. YAY for MANTRAS! You are quite welcome!

      BTW--How are you doing with the spreadsheet?

  3. Danielle,

    that would so be me, a super freak out.!! I mean a complete meltdown, i have yet to really find my center again once a freak out has happened, its like the world has ended and I have to fix it.......like yesterday....... but have a hard time finding my center again!! Everything is super important so finding some peace with things that arent right that you paid sooo much money for is hard for me.......I need my own song.....LOL...glad you can find some peace...im jealous