Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's a House!

I have not been by the house for an entire week.  The PM called and said that the frame is up, roofing will start over the weekend, and the windows are in.  My sister was kind enough to drive by for me today and when she turned in the development, she exclaimed: "You have a house!" And from the look of the pictures she sent, we certainly do!!!

Our Savoy…the windows at the bottom of the house, are long and gorgeous!

Our PM told us that there are only 5 lots left in our community.  I think there is a total of 3 Savoys (so far).  A Courtland Gate is up now, so when we move in, we'll have neighbors!  Matt, our PM said by the end of next week the brick and siding will be done.  I know that I have a walk-thru on 8/20 with Guardian. So, I guess we should have our pre-drywall meeting in about 3 weeks. Time is moving!

Now onto something a little annoying. I was asked if we wanted to keep a tree that was on the side of our property and I said yes. Guess what I see today?  The tree is gone!  Why would they ask and then do the exact opposite?  I guess I will send my PM an email and inquire. I am not going to dwell on it, and realize it's gone now. I'm learning to not get so frazzled over issues. It's bad for your health and takes away the joy of all the good things that are happening. But, I must ask, what is it about me and trees?  Funny story, my old neighbor in VA hired a contractor to cut down a tree in her yard, the contractor got confused and ended up cutting down a BEAUTIFUL Cherry Blossom tree in my yard.  I guess, I'm not meant to have trees for some odd reason!

On another note, we have decided to wait on stainless  appliances until we decide on the colors, the backsplash, and counters for our kitchen.  I keep telling myself that this house will be a work in progress and everything does not have to be perfect before we move in.  I want to take my time in creating a unique, beautiful space for us. I have my idea of what I like from a backsplash. I am sure we'll do quartz counters over granite. Quartz, unlike granite doesn't need to be resealed and has the same durability. I also will do under cabinet lighting. I like glass for a backsplash but know that subway tile is pretty cheap too. So maybe we'll be able to do both.  Here are some pictures that I like:

Glass…I like that it offers some bling. This is something I would do behind the range. 

Here is glass and smaller subway tile (I think).

Below are the appliances I'm going to check out to see if I like. I decided on a side-by-side  because I had a French Door with the bottom freezer in my old house, and frankly felt the freezer on the bottom was annoying.  I do want a counter depth fridge, and this one had that feature. I like the front load machines, they seem to hold a lot of laundry at one time, so here is a Samsung model that received rave reviews.  It prices close 3K but that includes the pedestals.  If it comes in silver, I will go for that color.

Outside of the fridge, by Electrolux.
Inside of the fridge. 


  1. YAY! IT'S A HOUSE! Congrats Danielle you are moving on UP! I love the bling on the backsplash! So pretty!

  2. Congrats on the progress of your house! I love the glass and subway tile back splashes. We are still trying to decide what we want to do for a back splash... there are just too many options!

    1. Hi M! I understand how you feel it's a lot to think about! I was going to wait until later but ended up finding a tile at the tile company with RH. I fell in love with a tumbled stone tile backsplash that i knew I wanted and was pleased to ifind it there and I am hoping it will make my kitchen pop! It's a risk because the granite you can't pick out but I am feeling confident it's going to work out based on my kitchen palette.

  3. Yippeeeeeeee, I love watching progress and I have to say Im kinda like yours ALOT cuz we have the same house!! We are still the meeting stages, havent even broke ground so I am soooo happy to watch your home unfold!! Looks awesome........BTW tell them you want a tree planted there, sounds like a good compromise to me........

    Loving it :)

    1. I love your excitement! I looked at the Savoy floor plan yesterday and I love it! I really like the kitchen set up and the study with the French doors. And, your morning room is huge!!!!!! Great choice of floor plan!

      Danielle and DW, which bedroom layout did you get? They do not offer the Savoy in our area. I also love the elevation it has a lot of character!

      Happy Building ! Nadase

  4. Thanks DWtimes2! I will find out about the tree tomorrow, so I will keep you posted. Nadase, thanks for liking the Savoy. I went with the 4 bedroom, two story foyer. We did not do the french doors through Ryan, but we'll add them ourselves with a tray ceiling later. I know an awesome contractor and he will hook us up later. I can't wait to show pics with the pic and siding this week, so stay tuned.

  5. I'm so happy for you Danielle! It looks great! I can't believe there are only 5 lots in your community left. It seems like they sold quick. I am TOTALLY with you on the fridge... I had a french door fridge with bottom drawer freezer at my old house and I HATED it! I couldn't fit much in there and it was always getting stuck. Combine that with the fact that the side-by-sides are way cheaper and my decision to go side-by-side was made. We also want to get front load w/d so we can do a counter on top. Love your choices!