Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Uh, Oh...Plumbing Issues

Now, I've always said that we've had a great experience with building a Ryan home.  And I'm sticking by that experience even more now. On Saturday it was brought to my attention by my sister-in-law that our hallway bathroom had a leak. Despite the fact that my stepson and husband are the only people that use that shower on a regular basis, it amazes me that neither one of them noticed the leak.  After all, from looking at the shower head, the leak had to be going on for awhile. 

I just chuck it up to the two of them not being observant...I can write a novel about that, but I digress... Anyway, I took pictures of the damage, went on the Ryan Homes website on Saturday and Monday received a call from a plumber to fix the problem this week.  I'm pleased that they worked fast and so far the problem seems painless on my end from a coordination perspective. And that's always a plus. I really do not like chasing people down and being given the run around.

So here is a picture of the damage.  From what it looks like, it appears that the pipe and the showerhead was not tightened, but I'm no expert, so I will fill you all in on the problem once the plumber makes his assessment of the issue and the destruction.

Other than that, I've decided on a paint color for the baby's room! We selected a nice pink appropriately titled, Ballet Slipper by Benjamin Moore.  I will add crown molding to the room as well. I think everything will get started next week. I will have pictures to share of the progress. We've decided to paint one focal wall in the room. Thanks to my MIL, she suggested that I would grow tired of an entire pink room, so the other walls will remain off white and the pink wall will have the mural on it. Here is the color swatch:

That's all I have for now...happy building everyone!


  1. I'm glad RH was quick to respond. Hopefully the shower repair will be quick and easy. Love the paint color and the idea to just use it on an accent wall so you don't grow tired of it.

  2. Aww.. I’m sorry about the leak in your bathroom. It’s too bad that it affected the paint on the wall. It is really important that our water system is working properly as it can damage our house and give us inconvenience. But at least, it gives way for you to paint your bathroom. Your plans are great because adding a crown molding will be a nice touch!

    ~Kurt Verdejo

  3. If only they had seen the leak earlier, then most probably it wouldn’t have caused any damage to your wall. Anyway, how is it now? I hope it’s already fixed by now.

    -Darryl Iorio

  4. How lucky your sister-in-law noticed the problem right away! If left unnoticed for a longer period, I’m sure your plumbing system would have been a bigger disaster. I hope you found the right plumber to fix it A.S.A.P!

    Althea Tumlin