Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I need Rehab!

Hi everyone,

Can you believe that we're at the end of the first month of the year?  For the last couple of weeks, I've made additional purchases for our home.  I think at this point, my husband is ready for me to go to TJ Maxx and HomeGoods rehab.  It is hard for me to stay away from these stores--the prices are great, the inventory is unique, and I feel like we need so many new things to make our house a home.  Well, Patrick isn't buying it, so it looks like my free shopping spree days are limited to items that are needed for the baby.

Speaking of the baby…we decided on a crib set and furniture for the room. Initially, I wanted to get a black crib, but I fell in love with this set from Babies R Us:

And the great thing about this is it will grow with her going from a crib, to a toddler bed, and then a full size bed. 
I also found the most adorable crib set:

And the most fun item is seeing our mural come to life. My very talented friend, Tene will draw the mural and here are the sketches for the wall (remember, we're doing a Parisian theme room):

So now I am just stuck with picking out the paint color and the crown molding for the room. I am not sure why I'm dragging my feet on this one; I guess I'm scared to make a permanent choice.  I know I want the walls to be a soft pink  and I want hot pink accents like this chair I found from Target:

With this bold color of pink, I guess I should go with softest of pinks on the wall. With the mural I should make the little girls dress, beret, and shoes a bold pink, like the chair. What do you guys think?

In addition to baby stuff, as I said earlier, I purchased some more items for the home. Here is a picture of artwork that I found at HomeGoods that is in our master bedroom and then I found these faux leather storage units at TJ Maxx to put in our office space to hold CD's and DVD's:

Well, thanks for reading and for giving your opinion on paint color too…Happy Building and stay away from HomeGoods, yeah, ok…who am I kidding?!?


  1. All of the baby stuff is adorable! I like the idea of the soft pink for the walls and the dark pink accents.

  2. Thanks, M…I always appreciate your comments and opinions too!

  3. So So So Pretty Danielle! I would be out of mind with design ideas for a baby. You are blessed beyond measure to have this experience at this time. What a blessing!! So excited for you!!!

    I absolutely love the theme. I love love the color choices: the cream is bringing nurturance, the pink is bringing love, the mural is reflecting joy/harmony and I love the back drop of green on the wall which brings prosperity/abundance.

    I know you are thinking hues of pink which is pretty. I love the pink hue which I used last night to paint one of my rooms. :-) If you haven't already done so, check out the disney color selection in the store and pick the theme with the pinks and you can't go wrong. It's in Lowe's or Home Depot. I have to admit. I love the light green wall contrast with the pinks and cream.

    btw--is the chair a rocking chair (it is gorgeous!!!)

  4. I love everything. You will love the crib set. I purchased one for my daughter 4 years ago. She is now using her full size bed. We didn't get much use out of the toddler bed but that was our fault (hubby was needy and allowed her to sleep with us).

    I love HomeGoods and TJ Maxx stuff. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of room to store items. Happy Shopping!

  5. I love all of your choices! I'm in the same boat with my husband... he said I'm not allowed to buy anything else for two months :). Not sure if that's going to happen, but I guess I'll give it a try!

    Did you buy that chair from Target in the store or online? I have my eye on a chair from Target, but they only sell it online and I'm nervous about buying it without seeing it.