Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby Steps...

We're taking our first steps at customizing a room in our house... we're constructing the nursery for our daughter.  Therefore, in honor of our baby girl, I think it is only appropriate to share a clip from one of my favorite movies, "What About Bob?" Check out this  infamous  scene entitled "Baby Steps"...
 Decorating a house is similar to what Bob experienced when he tackled his fears and problems. He  learned how to take baby steps or doing one task at a time.  With this strategy, Bob accomplished getting over his phobia. In taking baby steps with decorating, I've learned how to create my own style and to do so on a budget.  To be more specific, I have learned to trust my own judgement and to have fun when creating my own unique look.  I also learned not to play it too safe, you have to be willing to take a risk and see an end result.  So, here are a few pictures of the room in progress.
Here is the white wall with added crown molding.

You can see the molding a little better here.

Now for some color on the walls...the molding really pops.

Now for some fun stuff, I needed to purchase another light for the space because we did not get a ceiling light (note to all you just currently in construction folks, get ceiling lights in all your bedrooms and make sure you confirm which wall your main light switch is on), so a searched high and low for a floor light.  I came across this light from PB Teen--it was perfect and on sale!
However, the shade was an extra expense.  I almost paid the $50 for the shade until I looked closer and said to myself, "hey, you can totally recreate that look!" Recreate is exactly what I did...I found the dimensions of the lamp shade and did a quick google search and found a plain white shade on for the great rollback price of $15.77. I saved on shipping by opting for a store pick up and then headed to the craft section of the store where I found ribbon for $2.07. I whipped out my trusty hot glue gun, and here is the finished product for $18.00!  What do you think?

I used a deeper color pink, as it will match the rocking chair and the mural that will be on the wall. Here is a picture of the exact lamp shade that PB Teen had in the color that I planned to get:

Looks the same to me!  There will be more updates to come, as I continue to chronicle the coming together of the room.   Just in case any of my fellow bloggers are in the South Jersey area, I found a great contractor, UTRS Construction to do our crown molding and painting. If you're interested in getting their number, leave a comment, and I will send it to you.   I also have a very talented friend, Tene who is our muralist.  She is super talented and creates original canvas work too. Check out her blog here to see some of her work: 

In the meantime, happy building!


  1. The lamp looks great, good job saving the money!

  2. Thanks so much. It inspires me to try other craft projects in my house. Sometimes it just takes one look to give an idea!

  3. I try to do as much as I can DIY. It's amazing how much money you can save. This being our first home and a HUGE expense, I try to be frugal anyway I can! My boyfriend now knows after 5 years to leave me alone when I whip out the hot glue gun!! I'm always on a mission to recreate! Your lamp shade looks great :)

  4. The room is really coming along nicely! Love the lamp and great job on the shade!

  5. The lamp shade look same to me, you did awesome job.

  6. Love the lamp! The room looks great :-)

  7. Love the pink wall and the lamp shade.

  8. Love the lamp! So creative! I like the brighter pink that you did more than the expensive one!

  9. Looks wonderful. I love creating even some are not exact looks that are so expensive! Can't wait to see more : )