Thursday, February 28, 2013

Family Room Pictures

I received a request from another blogger that lives in a Savoy to share some pictures of our family room, and most important, how I configured the furniture in the space.   To be honest, the family room in the Savoy is an odd shape. If I could do it all over again, I would have paid for the 4 ft bump out in the room. I think this would have made a big difference from a space perspective. But, one can't cry over spilled milk, especially when it is a structural change.  So for all of you folks currently in  construction--think about how the bump out will effect your everyday living before you decide not to pay the extra cost.  

However, getting back to the room, I think what makes the space odd is the alcove where the hall closet meets the family room. When building the house, I wanted the fireplace to be the focal point in the room. I think the fireplace elongates the room, and gives the space the illusion that it is bigger.  I should note that all the furniture and decor in the room are things that we already had--the couch, table and chairs are about 7-8 years old.  However, the window treatments are new--found these panels from Bed Bath and Beyond for $20 a panel and the scarves were also $20 from a local linen place in here in South Jersey.

Now for the pictures:

Here you can see how the closet cuts off the room.

Here is a view of the "alcove" area.  Excuse the messy pillows, I should have fluffed them before the picture…sorry! 
Thanks to the iPhone, here is a panoramic view of the room. 


  1. Thank you for this! I was not the requestor; however I am just starting my process, and I'm building a Savoy. I think your home is absolutely beautiful!! God bless :)

    1. SDM I am also one of the rare ones with a Savoy, check out my blog I have lots of pics!

    2. Thanks DW!! You guys are all soooo awesome. Your blog is great! And thank you, Danielle, for offering to help. :). Ha! I don't even have a hole in the ground, and I'm dreaming of decorating. Lol.

    3. Hi Stacey, can't find your blog any more? :-( What is your url? When you click your picture you just get the google page.

  2. You are welcome! Good luck with building! Let me know if you have questions, I would love to help!

  3. I think the furniture placement is nice!

  4. It looks great! Where did you get those chairs?

  5. Hi, Colette! I bought those chairs 7 years ago from a now out of business furniture store in Virginia called Gallahans. But the manufacturer of the chair is Storehouse furniture--do you remember them? I've seen these chairs or look alines on

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    1. M, you're always so supportive…thanks a million!

    2. OMG, Danielle, you just helped me remember who I purchased our bedroom furniture from several years ago! LOL It's a shame they closed the store. :-(


  7. Thanks D!! We get the bump out, and yup by the pics, it does make a difference. I love, love your layout though!!

    I will prob steal your configuration!

    I wont take pics cuz that room is such a disaster! Our current furniture is tooooo big, and we have two much of it! Its my least fav room due to the furniture right now.

    We have the same fireplace......

    I love the treatments, think Im gonna steal that idea too.

    See our prob is we have 4 people in our family and we love to "lounge" and as your room is, ( no offensive) 4 adults cannot lie down on the furniture to watch TV. Ya know what I mean?

    Maybe I should take some pics, to demonstrate our disaster room....I dunno its pretty bad :( Maybe I can just email them to you....:)

    Yours looks great!!!!

    Got any other pics? I just posted the dining room today too!

    Oh, I gotta take pics of master bath too....

  8. Danielle, this looks absolutely lovely!! It is so warm and comfy even without the paint! :-) You are doing a fantastic job!

    I have yet to get one room completely furnished! Actually, the only room furnished is the adult guest bedroom (the furniture from Storehouse). I just to decorate it along with everything else. This is a nonstop project! Love it!