Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tre Magnifique!

I always wanted to learn the language of love, French.  When it was time to take a language class during high school, I chickened out because I heard that  French was difficult to learn.  Ask me if after 2 years of high school Spanish and 3 years of college--can I speak Spanish?  No, hablo!
France is a beautiful country.  The style and finesse of the French is addictive.  I remember seeing the Eiffel Tower on my first visit in 1998 and having my breathe taken away. Who knew that 14 years late, the Eiffel Tower would be the  inspiration for my daughter's room. As you know, this is my first biological child (I have a stepson from my husband's previous relationship), and in an odd way, there is another first for me--this room is my first ever design job. I was able to share my vision with a talented artist, Tene and through her talents, the mural came to life. Then picking out the paint color, adding the crown molding, selecting the furniture, and spending too many hours in HomeGoods was a great ride for me.  I adored every minute of the design process. 

If you can't tell, this room is a labor of love for me  I look forward to putting up the window treatments, assembling the crib (who am I kidding that is my husband's job), and then adding more pieces like the glider, ottoman, and changing table (not looking forward to changing dirty diapers but it comes with the territory of being a mommy). 
So, please enjoy the pictures below and know the final addition to the space will be when my daughter moves into her new room. We're 5 weeks and counting... Happy building and happy decorating everyone!

Here is a picture of the 3 pictures on the focal wall.

Here is the dresser--the inspiration for the room, the lamps and mirror. Yes, thanks HomeGoods for all these items! It's cool how the wall artwork is reflected in the mirror.

As a former teacher, reading is important.  I've read to her a few times already, but plan to read to her every day once she arrives.  Reading is fundamental!

Panoramic view of  the room.


  1. Wow loving it!!

    How unique and beautiful...nice job....now you only need a baby? Hey I thought everyone had TWO babies in the same pregnancy like me...Just one for you,???,....LOL

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! You did an excellent job. Praying for a safe delivery for you and your baby girl. :-)

  3. OMG, Danielle, so beautiful!! #tearstissuetissue

    Can't wait to see your beautiful baby girl! I am tickled pink for you, your husband, and the beautiful room project to bring her home too. Just Beautiful!!

    1. BTW--I have two trips to make this year one next year! I just need to find out which season is the best time to travel for each location. Must make it to Rome, Italy (guess why)? lol AND must, must travel to France. I want to feel the energy of the Fashion Industry which I believe is usually in the early Spring.
      Do you know which time of year is best to travel to France?

    2. Thanks for your comments Nadase! I think Europe is always best enjoyed either in the fall or the early spring. Avoiding it in the summer is always a good choice. As far as Rome is concerned, their busy season starts in April and goes to September. We went last March and had great weather. I went to Paris in the summer the first time--not a great time, and then the second time, I was there during the holidays. So, you're right on target for going there in the Spring.

  4. HOW BEAUTIFUL! Your baby girl will love it!!!

  5. That room is beautiful! You guys did a great job with it!

  6. Thanks everyone for loving the room!

  7. So pretty! I love everything about it!