Thursday, May 29, 2014


We had our runner installed last night.  I was a little nervous of how I would like the pattern, but I have to say I not only like it, I love it! When we first moved in I thought I didn't want to compromise the steps by putting carpet over it. But having a toddler changes things, it's all about safety! Now that we have carpet on the steps, I don't know how we lived for almost two years without it.

We are still in the midst of other home improvements, so stay tuned for more pictures to come.

Here is the runner.  Again we went with Smart Carpet, a Costco vendor.  We paid $862 for the carpet, binding and installation.  I also received a small runner for my hallway, all included in the price above.  The carpet we chose is by Milliken and the style is Modern Flair, Nickel.  The carpet is nylon and has a basic pad underneath.


  1. I love your runner! We had Ryan Homes delete our runner (-$700 double staircase) from our contract, so we could install our own later. The price you paid is very reasonable for a custom upgraded runner. I'll have to check them out! :-)

  2. I love the runner! We wanted to do a pattern runner in our home and had Ryan Homes delete it from our options but then the day before closing when we did the walk through, we were given a runner!