Monday, December 9, 2013

First DIY Project

I know that many of you are DIY gurus, but for me and my husband we're neophytes in this area.  Here are a few pics of our first project--changing out the light fixture in the morning room. What a difference a light makes!  Oh, and I got the fixture for $79 at Costco!

Before pics


New placemats from Homegoods and Hurricane candle holders from Pier One. 


  1. Looks awesome! All this DIY is making me want to do...SOMETHING!

  2. I love that light fixture! Nice work!

  3. Aw much much better!!! Love the new light, what a diff!! Fantastic.

  4. That looks so awesome! Love it I just stumbled upon your blog I look forward to reading it! I just started our journey with ryan homes and started a blog aswell :)