Thursday, January 23, 2014

DWTimes2…We got a Kirklands!

This post is for my girl, DWTimes2 because she always writes about the deals at Kirklands. OMG…she was not kidding because we just got a Kirklands in Cherry Hill, NJ and let's just say I've been there so many times the sales people greet me when I walk into the store {blushing}.

I've bought some really great decor items, such as chalkboard containers like these.  I also found more amazing  accessories for my peacock inspired dining room for only $18 bucks! I racked up on Christmas decorations for next year as well. I went there the day after Christmas and everything was 75% off. So, if you have a Kirklands near you, go check them out or shop online too at

Happy shopping!

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  1. Danielle!! Ohhhhh boy, YOU are in trouble now...LOL!! Kirklands is an ADDICTION! Did you sign up for the KClub? Wait till you see all the emails you get with the sales and coupons.
    I have kinda been on a spending freeze. Since we are currently finishing our basement ourselves that's where my cash flow is going...Oh wait, do you have a finished basement? OMG pics would be super helpful if you did??? Let me know.