Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Party planning Passion!

Hi everyone,

I haven't updated my blog in sometime. We've been busy preparing for baby and part of those plans included hosting my baby shower.  I know…I hear you all saying, "Umm, why were you planning your OWN shower?"  Well, I  planned my shower because I love party planning.

So, there you have it…I saw this as an opportunity to expand my creative talents and I enjoyed every minute of the plans. First, I started with a theme--which for me was "Breakfast at Tiffany's"…one of my favorite movies of all time. I like to say that Holly Golightly was the first Sex in the City Girl…Carrie Bradshaw has nothing over Holly!

Here are some pics of the shower.  It's amazing how helpful the internet is with finding cute things.  I love Etsy.com!  I even found petits fours from an amazing bakery in California. OMG…these petit fours were delish!  I am already planning to get them for the next party I will host, probably for the baby's baptism.  Thanks for taking a peek, and let me know if you have an upcoming party…I would love to provide ideas!

Happy building and partying too!
Here is a sample of the invitation…found on Etsy.com

My sister created an activity called the blessing bowl. Here guest wrote a note to the baby. Each year, on her birthday, we'll read the blessing. 

Instructions on the blessing bowl.

Completed blessings...

Every party needs a signature drink. This one is called Gabriella's Pink Elephant. It was good and alcohol free for me, of course!

Dragonfly Bakery delicious petits fours! Extra cute that they're in the shape of the Tiffany box.

Etsy.com again!  Really cute cookies with the Tiffany's theme.

Sam's club can be your friend…I added the bling in the middle of the cupcake to make it Tiffany's fabulous.

Our candy buffet…a thank you to my guest! The candy included lollipops, chocolate bars, gum drops, and old fashion taffys. 
Again, an Etsy.com find…a candy bar wrapper that was complete with nutritional  facts. I downloaded the wrapper and found tape at Michael's that was the same print/pattern. Of course I added the rhinestone to make it extra festive. 

Jewels and flowers as the center piece.  I threw in the pink to show off our anticipation of a girl. 

And the guest of honor…my little Ella bella in my belly!


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Love it!!!

  2. You did a great job! I love planning parties too! I am sure you will get to plan many more in your new house!

  3. Very creative and beautiful! Congrats on your baby girl! :-)

  4. This is all so awesome! You have a talent for party planning! You must be so excited to meet your little one!

  5. Danielle, another blogger (lot 106) referred me to you. I am looking for picture of Courtland Gate Elevation E, which is what you have on your blog, however, I am looking for the one which does not have a brick front.

    If your community has any that is elevation E without the brick front and if you could take pictures and send it to me it would be great. My email is tin369@gmail.com