Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weathering The Storm

Hi everyone!

Well, as smooth as our building process and our closing went, our move was quite the contrary.  We were scheduled to move on Tuesday, October 30 and then came Hurricane Sandy!  The planner that I am, I rescheduled our move for Wednesday, October 31 thinking that Hurricane Sandy would not be a big storm. Well, on Monday, October 29, our power went out at 6:30PM and my husband and I realized that our move would probably be an issue.  

The next day, I contacted our movers and our apartment complex to see if we could change our move to Thursday, November 1.  Both obliged and Patrick and I were set to do the last bit of packing during the daylight hours and luckily my sister-in-law still had power and we bunked there for 2 nights. After waiting in line for 2 hours and 45 minutes to get gas, Patrick and I were feigning to get into our new home, which thankfully had power and no damage from the storm.  

On Thursday, we patiently waited for our movers to show up and after waiting for 3 hours, I finally was able to reach the moving manager.  Of course their phone lines were out and cell phone service was impossible too.  The moving company wanted to change our move to Friday, November 2nd, but Patrick and I could not wait another second, yet alone another day.  We needed to move pronto! Another dilemma for us was our apartment that was still without  power. This meant our movers could not use the elevator! Thankfully, we lived on the first floor, but it was still no small feat to see these guys move all our furniture in the dark with the aid of flashlights.  So, after a 90 minute drive to our new home, the movers unloaded the truck and left to drive 90 minutes back at the midnight hour--yes, they did not finish until 12AM!

Although Patrick and I are exhausted from packing, to unpacking, to coordinating….we're so thankful to be in our new home and feel so blessed to have the luxuries like TV, power, and heat.  We still have friends and family who are without these things. We see the destruction of our state and realize that childhood memories of walking the boardwalk may be a thing of the past. It is sad.  So, we will continue to pray, give support and resources to the victims of the storm.  Meanwhile, we're taking our time unpacking--it is just too much to do!  I hope that all of you are enjoying your building process.  I will post pictures in the next few weeks. 

Happy Building...

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  1. Wow! What a whirlwind!!!! What a blessing you were to move into your home! Much love to the moving crew who preserved through the storm to bless you and Patrick under those constraints!!

    Got you covered with prayers for your family and friends still without power. Check out my blog and read the Hurricane Sandy Support post--one of our fellow bloggers in NJ have created a resource for your area.

    Look forward to hearing from you very soon with pictures!