Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some New Building Tips

Hi everyone,

Since my husband and I are the first to move into our community, I wanted to give some tips on things to ask prior to moving in. Here's a list below:

1. Cable: Ensure that the cable wires are placed underground. Although our house was cable ready in the inside, it seems as if the builder and the cable company did not communicate to prior too and the wire were not placed underground.  Although we had a temporary wire above our lawn for a few days, it was difficult to see the cable company rip up our nice hyrdo-seed yard to place the wires underground.  So, make sure before you move, the wires are secured underground first.

2. Phone:  If you're going with a carrier like Verizon, you will also need to make sure the wires are placed underground.  Similar to the cable experience...not a fun time.

3.  Water Company:  We also had a problem getting an account with the water company.  Hopefully, it won't be a problem for our neighbors moving forward because we've already established residence, but just make sure you put the water company on high priority because it tooks us at least 5 days to get the account and service going.

4. Microwave Installation:  Check with your PM to make sure that no structure exist behind your hooded fan.  Apparently we had a 2X4 piece of wood behind our cabinet that we did not know existed. When the microwave installer came, he removed the wood because he said it was pointless and would prevent the microwave from being placed correctly. Well, what we have is a microwave that does not vent correctly.  So, thankfully our PM is going to fix this, but to save you a step, ask before you get the appliance installed.

5.  Trash Pick-Up and Recycling:  We still do not have trash or recycle service. I have called the township, the sanitation department, and the builder! So, i would say get on this fast. I am still waiting, but thankfully, our PM allowed us to put our trash and boxes in the dumpster. That's all I have for now...I hope this list is helpful with your transition.

Happy Building...


  1. Very good advice and timely for me since I've been calling around for cable and phone service pricing.

  2. Good to hear! I wish you the best of luck with setting all these items up.

  3. no trash service...yikes

    So when do you think we should call our water service, I am guessing you cannot do any of that until you close correct?

  4. Hello- not sure if you can answer this- but I recently moved into a Savoy model (already built) and I can only find one phone jack outlet. Where are the other ones located in this house?!