Thursday, September 27, 2012

Locked and Locked Out!

So I forgot to share with you last week that we locked in at a great rate. Yeah....wait for it....3.25 at 0 points for 30 years!!!!  That rate saved us $4400 at closing. So with this savings comes another great surprise, we will be saving $400 a month paying for a house instead of renting an apartment.  I know the economy is still in flux, but with rates and savings like that, I have to say, the housing market is getting back on its feet.

We are set to close in 19 days!  We will be moving into the house in exactly 32 days.  I'm glad we'll have a two week break in between closing and our actual move. This will allow us to move in gradually and for me to get window treatments up, appliances delivered and proper sealing of bathroom tiles and the garage.  Speaking of the house, I went by yesterday to do my weekly inspection and to my surprise, I was locked out!  Behaving like a nosy Ms. Jenkins, I peeked through my own house window to see that our hardwoods  and carpet has been installed! From what I could see, I loved the color and I'm so happy that we upgraded our staircase.

In addition to those changes, the front yard is in the process of being graded, sidewalks have been poured, and a really long driveway has been installed. I think Nadase, our driveway is about 65 feet as well. With a driveway that long, my husband was real clear that we must invest in a snow blower! Although all the shutters are finally hung, we still need our front door  painted and some minor repair on the roof and around the garage.  Sorry kiddos for the limited pic, but I guess we'll be doing our pre-settlement walk thru sometime soon and I will get pictures then.

Happy building....


  1. Danielle, Danielle, that rate is AWESOME! I am praying that we can get a good rate just the same! What a pleasant surprise to get money back at settlement!! HOLLA! hmmm.....a snow blower! Ok, I am adding that to my list...never thought about the lol my husband will have a time plowing that snow....thanks for the warning!! I am adding it to my list!! Girl, that is so funny to me because I would have been watching him from the window with my latte in hand! So a snow blower it IS!! Wow, you are good!! Are you actually going to stay away until your final walk through???

    If you plan on stopping by your house again before your walk through, I would check with your SR or PM to see if they can allow you inside to take pictures and see progress before the final walk through? You are so close!! AND you know I can't wait to see your home decorations since we have similar taste in furniture!!

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