Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Lately, I have been super focused on taking care of what seems to be everything except monitoring the new house.  We did hear from our PM, and the landscape is finished and that the house looks great.  We have our pre-settelement walk thru this Thursday. To help us look for structural fixes, we hired a home inspector.  I'm clearly not as knowledgable as Colette and her husband, so having a trained professional eye will help both Patrick and I. 

I did a little price comparing too with window treatments.  It seems like Blinds to Go is very expensive and Home Depot is limited in their selection.  If by chance, any of you have a good place to buy blinds and the like, please do share.  We close on the house on Monday, 10/15 and we move in on 10/30. My goal is to have window treatments done prior to our move-in.  I also found a place called Budget Blinds, so I will see about them as well.  

It is hard to believe that we're finally at the place to move into our home.  Where did the time go?  Although I'm excited, I'm nervous about the change.  After all, we're moving a good 90 minutes from where we currently live.  A different part of the state, a place where I lived before, but my husband has not.  I hope it all works out smoothly.  So, my fellow home builders once we have a walk thru, I hope to give another update and maybe even add some pictures.  Until then…happy building!


  1. I hadnt realized you lived so far from your home. No wonder we dont get any pics from you as I was looking forward to it as we are also building a Savoy....Keep us updated.....enjoy this time...

    Blinds, IDK, they are expensive no matter what!!

  2. Actually, I have bought a number of my blinds through JCPenney. I have never been disappointed. Now, you do have to install yourself but my husband has not had a problem doing that. The measurements are always right on. But, just measure those windows exactly as described for the blinds you are buying. Seriously though, we've never had a problem and will buy our new ones from them when we get to that point.

  3. Lowes carries a line from Levolor called Custom Size Now that you may want to check out. They have faux wood and real wood blinds, and they were very easy to install. Although the real wood only come in a stained color. While considering going with real wood custom blinds in most of the house, we bought some of the Custom Now ones (faux wood white) for the bedroom. I ended up liking them so much that we are just going to do them in the whole house. They will cut them to size while you wait, but chances are your windows are a standard size anyway. Under $50 a window. About 1/2 the price of custom blinds, from what we saw. Good luck!

  4. We did Lowe's they are not too hard to install yourself. Although we have someone we know and will pay him to do ours. We close and move in tomorrow and I'm wiped out.

  5. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

  6. I plan to get the temporary blinds from Home Depot. They come with two in a pack at $19.95 or $9.95 (one of the two, I can't remember but they have them). You simply MEASURE each window because they are different sizes, CUT, PEEL the backing off and place on the window. They come with these cute clips to create a little angle in the blinds. They are the perfect solution until you decide what window treatments you really want to install too.

  7. We lived about 90 minutes away from our RH build too so most of our visits were on the weekend. I think the adjustment will go great for the two of you -- so far so good on our end!

    We are waiting to get nicer blinds for the 34x72 windows and are using the temporary Redi Shades ($8 per). I put up a new post earlier today about the Redi Shades (http://lot106.blogspot.com/2012/10/redi-or-not.html, if you're interested). For the 34x60 windows, we ordered the 34x64 top down/bottom up shades from jcpenney for $55 (Thanks for the tip, Gaylen). They were easy to install but make sure you pre-drill far enough into the stud and open/close them slowly.

    We did some comparisons between the custom blinds at jcpenney and NextDayBlinds and NDB was definitely the cheaper of the two and that included sending someone out to the house to measure, the blinds themselves, and the installation. NDB charges on a per-window-basis and I think either Home Depot or Lowe's will give you a flat rate for a minimum number of windows.

    1. FYI, I received a sale notice this morning from Lowe's. They are currently having a sale on Levolor blinds and shades through the 18th. Buy 10+ and get 20% off.

      Link: http://lowes.levolor.com/?cm_mmc=email_promo-_-20121011-_-lm_6434-_-shop_levolor