Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It has been close to two weeks since I was by the house and what did I find yesterday?  Cabinets! 
Cabinets with crown molding.

View of the kitchen from the family room.

View from the side of the morning room all the way until the dining room.

 I was very excited and very pleased with our pick (see the upgrades entry from June for more details). And for laminate (which was FREE), it works for us. We will think of upgrading our counter top later after we complete the first big project of finishing our basement.  In addition to cabinets, I saw doors, wall, trim, and our finished fireplace. 
Slate fireplace.

Temporary stairs for the two story foyer.

Up close picture of our faux granite.

We have a door to our "skinny" pantry.

Standing in the MB, with a view of the hallway.

I also met a neighbor from a few blocks away who was very nice and assured us that the town we're moving to is a nice community. So, the next step will be for us to lock in our rate, sometime this week and on Saturday, we have 30 days until we close!

Hope everyone else is doing well...happy building!


  1. Loving those cabinets with the crown molding!! You are on the home stretch..isn't that amazing!! Before you know it you will be walking in the door with your new set of keys!

  2. The cabinets look great! Love the crown modling! :-)