Monday, July 16, 2012

Diggin the scene...

The other day, my stepson proclaimed that my husband and I were "so, 90's!"  Although his comment was hurled at us as a mega-insult of the twelve year-old kind, his dad and I took it all in stride.  We  even patted ourselves on the back, and questioned with child-like enthusiasm, "The 90's?" "Ok, we'll take that!" After all, we hail from the generation without a name, remembering the soulful sounds barreling from our parents eight track tape decks, being marveled by the effectiveness and memory of a word processor machine, and finally, the awesome debut of the first all-music television channel! So, you see, WE will take the 90's!  

Therefore, in honor of the 90's and the very cool fact that we broke ground on our new home today…here is a little TLC.  Cause we are "diggin the scene" at 105 Green Briar Court!   Enjoy the music, and take a look at our little piece of dirt that we'll soon call home!

You can see the workers in the hole…can you say stalker?!?

Our building permit!

I could not walk any closer, the ground was so wet from the rain from last night. 

Here is a zoom of the "hole".

More dirt...

I hope they keep the trees in the back. 

A view of the lot.


  1. YO, YO, Danielle!! I am digging the scene!! lol

  2. The only problem with big trees in the back left behind is that they are use to being surround by other trees. The soil being disturbed around them make them easier targets for big storms. I'd still keep them too...but make sure you have insurance. :)

  3. Yayy, they started!!! Love TLC!!

  4. Thanks, everyone for your comments. Good point, Charissa about the tress. I think that many of them will go, but they're keeping the big one on the side of the house. Colette, your house is rocking and rolling!

  5. Wow looks like an amazing lot...we are also building the Savoy in Ohio ...I thought there were no Savoy builders in this blogging community...You can follow my blog at myhome9088@blogspot,com

    When is your closing date?..looks like we also will be closing on our home in November,but we have not yet started the construction.Just got an approval and still waiting on the Preconstruction meeting.

  6. Hey SuDe…you are so right that there are not many Savoy blogs. Therefore, I am glad to meet another Savoy builder! Yes, we are progressing on the house, and I think we will close by September or the beginning of October. I have not been by the house since Monday, so I'm sure there is plenty of activity that I'm missing. But enjoy the process and I'm following you now, so I will be sure to witness your progress too!

  7. Hi All, I am still trying to work my way around this do you figure out your blog name to post so others can follow??? lol///

    I too am building a Savoy in Pittsburgh,PA and so happy to finally find some more Savoy builders, there are a few in our plan already.

    I too was just told not buy any big purchases or move money around....well DAMN how are we supose to furnish our homes??? I was bummed to hear that yesterday from our Loan officer...

    We have just started the process and havent even had our pre construction meeting yet......