Monday, July 23, 2012

Building Update #1

Hey folks!  We had a busy, but fun weekend and got a chance to swing by the house.  I have posted a few pics below, so enjoy.  

Basement wall molds

On another note, I spoke with the PM today and he gave me an update.  Although he was talking kind of fast, I did hear something he said, here is a quick run down: an inspection will occur today and barring the inspection they will do a temporary drain, then they will take down the moldings, make the walls damp proof, and finally, the only thing I really comprehended, he said we will have walls in the basement by the end of the week!

I don't know how I missed this one, but I found out that our house will only have one zone for heating and cooling. I was a little annoyed with learning this so late. I think I was more angry with myself for not investigating further.  But oh, well, I guess my wires got crossed with the SR, I thought she said it was standard in all Ryan Homes to have two zones.  I guess it depends on the size of the house.  So, with that being said, I hope that because Ryan Homes are energy star this will hopefully help and the system will be efficient with cooling, especially upstairs.  Does anyone out there have a one zone system, and if so, does the entire house cool off efficiently? 

I spoke with my cousin-in-law over the weekend and he said that his first house (a townhouse) was built by Ryan and they had a terrible time cooling the second floor.  He told me to go and check on the house everyday, because he said huge mistakes take place. How often do you go by your homes? For us, an everyday visit is tough. Although I work about 15 minutes from the house, I'm only in the office twice a week. We currently live about 90 minutes from the new house. Besides monitoring the building process, I'm still a little nervous about what my cousin said about the AC units.  Since he built his house 8 years ago, I hope they worked out the kinks and just maybe, they have set goals to improve with their units, etc.   I know that Ryan Homes have gotten a lot of bad press, but from all the blogs it appears that they have improved a lot--from their customer service to their product.  Well, my friends, that's all I have for now. I will post a few more pictures towards the end of the week. In the meantime, happy building!  


  1. We are currently pretty far from our house too so we've only been going on weekends for the most part. We're actually closer to your house right now :). But you should have plenty of time after they install the HVAC stuff to check it out, so just make sure you stay on your PM to keep you updated. I just had a family friend who installs them for a living look at our system and he found some stuff so I'll be asking our PM (and writing a post) about that. That's definitely something you want to make sure they get right!

  2. Thanks for your feedback. You're so lucky to have a family friend that does HVAC and that he took a look and could give some feedback. I may need to ask my dad if he could find someone to help us out on that one. Looking forward to seeing your updated pics. How are you feeling about your new house?

  3. We stop by nearly every day, but we're only 15-20 minutes away. But even if you are not there every day, there are opportunities to check everything out. Your HVAC should be in before your pre-drywall meeting.