Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Do you hear, what I hear?

So  awhile back I said that during our 10 month inspection it has been concluded that our hardwoods would need to be replaced based on creaky floors.  Well, here it is mid November and guess what? The floor has not been replaced and now I have sunken floors under my carpet too. Can you say that I'm feeling a little pissed right now!

I think we've been more than patient and now I'm starting to lose my coolness.  The truth is I had a contractor come and look at my floors and he said that the flooring is quality--otherwise, it's good stuff, but that the sub floor that Ryan Homes uses is CRAP. He also stated that just about everyone in our community (or those of us that bought Ryan homes) will have a flooring issue because the sub floor is made of OSB (I don't know what that is), which according to the contractor is more like a "floating" material where floors are not able to be full nailed down to, hence the creaks. How many of you have creaky floors--let me know, and sound off here!

In other news,  I will keep you all posted on what is going on but let's hope that this situation gets remedied fast or as R. Kelley said, "I may catch a case."

Happy building and decorating...


  1. We had only 1 creak so far. And we have hardwood but are on a slab. No basement.

  2. We had one creak in our hardwood right in front of the stove when we first moved into the house. They put a nail in that board and luckily it hasn't been an issue.

    I hope they fix your floors soon! Be the squeaky wheel... call and call often! I've learned that sometimes you have to become a pain in the rear before they take you seriously.

  3. I too am at my 10 month, as you know a Savoy also, I have about 4 areas that need fixed, 2 are on the steps and 2 areas upstairs, so far my hardwood floors look great and not issues.

    I have to disagree about the OSB, yes it's OSB and its not what they used in the "good ol days" but all homes are built this way now. It might not be the "best" way............but its the way.

    I concur with M, be a pain in the ass, you are NEVER going to see these people again and they are not your friends and never will be, they dont care about your feelings..........therefore vice versa, its business!

    I know sometimes too creaking floors are also split support boards as well! A few people in our plan had their ceilings torn apart to fix a joist.

    Keep us updated.

  4. DW is correct in that OSB is the standard, they even use it on all those HGTV shows when redoing the sub floors, the issues may lie in the quality of the construction crew that installed it, I know that when we walked though we made sure they screwed those puppies down tight! Alot of comunities got nails only or mostly nails, ours was screwed down probably a 2-1 ration of screws to nails, we have 4 squeaks in the house so far, but only 1 in downstairs on the HW's

    I really hope they follow through on what they promised though, it is a shame though they have to get rid of all that HW :( poor trees! lol

    Keep your head up and stay on their tails!