Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grand Opening of Greenbriar Estates

Today I took a drive down the turnpike to visit the grand opening of our community.  I was excited to see the model home, The Courtland Gate open; it made it all real that this community is starting. The Courtland Gate is gorgeous!  I must admit, I was feeling a little envy that our house is the smallest in the community, but in applying lessons learned from this recession, we are buying a house that we can afford.  And we're still buying a beautiful home that will serve our family well!

Besides the excitement of walking through the model, I was really encouraged by the"foot" traffic the model attracted. Our sales rep (SR), Nancy was very happy with the first showing too. Nancy said that Ryan didn't do any marketing, and that people were coming on their own.  Again, I have to disclose that my husband and I were the first to buy in our community.  And with being the first, of course one is taking a risk. Your mind wanders--will this community sell out, did we choose the right model, will the incentives be better, will they drop the costs of the homes, and will they need to sell to another developer--and if so, will the quality be the same?  So, it was very encouraging to see that people came without any deliberate advertising and that the community had two deposits and two homes under contract or "almost sold" category.   So with a total of 16 lots…I am hopeful that Ryan will be able to sell them all.

Another thing that my husband and I were concerned about was our lot choice. We knew from our budget that we could not afford a premium lot and there we a few "free" lots in the community. So, with much deliberation we chose a lot that was about a 1/3 of an acre.  To us, it's enough land to enjoy and to give us a feeling of some privacy.  Therefore, I was very happy to hear our SR state that many people were interested in our lot, and a couple came in today and said that they've been waiting for the grand opening of the development and were bummed to see that  lot 7 (our lot) was already sold. Yes….another good choice made by us!

Community site plan

A007 is our lot…red dot has an "s" for sold.

Here is our sign…shows we are in the process.

Here is our land…love the house that we will back up to.

Finally, I told my SR how the Ryan Homes blogging community is a thriving and informational place for potential home buyers.  I mentioned that I started a blog and that she may want to tell future buyers to check out the blogs for themselves.  Truthfully, it was through these blogs that I felt confidant in buying a Ryan home…so thanks to all my blog peeps!   I guess it is time for me to do my other favorite pastime watch Food Network Star and then the season finale of Mad Men…enjoy a few model home photos below.
Courtland Gate, not our model, but the model of our community.
Pretty kitchen...

Family room 

Morning Room


Living Room

Stairs…love the dark wood, but I think it will be hard to keep clean.

Master Bedroom

Dining Room

PS Hopefully, I will hear something from NVR this week. I'm pretty anxious about hearing about the loan approval---still not able to celebrate just yet until we cross that hurdle.


  1. The lot looks nice and I am hoping everything goes smoothly with your loan approval!

    1. Thomas…thanks so much. I am hoping things go smoothly too. It's a different day when buying house. I remember with my first home purchase in 2002, I had an approval in a day.

  2. Lot 7 looks great! What will be across the street from you?

    1. Thanks for liking our lot. We will have a green area across the street from us.

  3. These are beautiful pictures, Danielle! Fingers crossed you will hear of your loan approval this week.

  4. Good luck with the loan approval! I understand the envy too...we are building one of the larger homes in our community but we did have to make cuts on upgrades to have the bigger square footage. When I see a house with stone or nice tile in the bath I feel the same way. Just concentrate on how awesome your house will be (and most likely some of the houses you envy probably envy stuff about yours)!

  5. Alicia…thanks for joining my blog! It is good to be reminded to concentrate on my house, and I know it will be beautiful and filled with all my favorite things. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog too.

  6. Your lot looks like a great pick... especially since it was free. Those lot premiums are nuts and just too hard to justify in my opinion! I am going to take a drive over to your community to check out the model and get some decorating ideas. Our community doesn't have a decorated model. PS That's too funny that your parents live in Mullica Hill... we'll basically be neighbors :).

  7. Yes, you should check out the model, it is really pretty. I love the colors and will probably snatch them up for our house. That is so funny that you're moving close to Mullica Hill! Also, thanks for liking our lot too.