Thursday, June 7, 2012

Aesthetically Speaking...

I figured I would share what the outside of our house will look like. Thanks to a few other blogs and a good ole Google search, I was able to find our choices:

                                            Edenton Brick and Stone Mountain Clay siding.

Black shutters and Sun-dried Tomato door with white trim. 

Let me know what you think of the color combination. To me, it's a simple-classic look that will withstand time. 

I also bought a few accessories for the house. I found this Vera Wang for Wedgewood China 3 piece candle set at TJ Maxx. 
Funny thing is, I didn't know until I got home that it's a perfect match for my china and silver set…duh, no wonder I liked it! It was also only $29.99, so I could not pass it up.

I found this website:

I am thinking about purchasing this light for either the dining room or our master bedroom:


  1. I love your color choices! That light is fun!

  2. I love the contrast in the colors and the different textures. I love the light fixture, very simple and elegant. Nice choices, Danielle.

  3. I totally love brick, black shutters and a red front door (and chose the same! -- different brick and siding colors, but similar). Just such a classic look.

    And I LOVE the chandelier. What a cool touch to a master bedroom. Hmmmm. Wonder what it would take to convince the husband that we didn't need a ceiling fan ....

  4. WJ…thanks for your kind remarks. I was wondering if I could live with out a ceiling fan, but I figured I would try. Have a great weekend!

  5. The exterior is coming along really well. The guys did a great job with the sidings! I bet the girls, on the other hand, would be busy with doing the interior work. The kids are really putting in a lot of effort to help build the house. I’m sure that will help you guys finish the house a lot faster, with everyone chipping in to help with the load!

    @Kevin Noel