Sunday, July 27, 2014

Adding Some Character: Part Two

So the kitchen wall paper project extended itself to doing some trim work in the hallway and around our front door.  My contractor, John took the left over chair rail and crown molding from the dining and office room projects and made a trim around our front door. Thanks, John for your creativity!

Next, I thought it would look funny to have the chair rail stop in our kitchen. So we added chair rail along the hallway. At first I thought I should have done some wainscoting but I had to stay true to the "feel" of my house. Although wainscoting is beautiful, I think our hallway is too narrow for such detail, especially for the cost.  I'm debating if we should add the wainscoting to our stair case. The idea of adding it there is to make our entry way more dramatic. But then again, I have my boxes on either side, and plan to find a really nice wall paper or even some fabric to put inside the boxes.  So, we'll see…

Enjoy the pictures below…and Happy building and decorating!
Picture of our hallway before paint,chair rail, and plantation shutters on our sidelight windows.

Paint complete, chair rail, and plantation shutters installed.  Note, I do know that my picture is too low on the wall, I have since moved it up.
Here is a close up of John's trim work over our front door!
Here is a few from upstairs, along with a glimpse of our window above. 

Speaking of my boxes, we completed these last October…but after painting them, they now pop! My next project is to take care of the foyer window. I'm in between do I just trim it or actually put a treatment there?  My gut says to do both…doing an apron  (or as I also knew it, placing a sill below the window) at the bottom and then a treatment at the top, what do you think?

Here is a picture of the boxes from our upstairs. 
Close up of our box, I plan to wall paper or put  a stretched piece of fabric. 


  1. danielle, I am so stealing all your ideas!! I printed them into my future projects. We are still finishing the basement. We have drywallers coming next week. Only contractor we hired :(. So we have been doing that for months, no goodie pics yet. I love you the shadow boxes and chair rails, I am so doing that. In further news the entire front door and fypon and above window are leaking, they have to tear it all out and start all over again, do you have any idea how upset I am? Can you imagine? I am asking for a picture window above and not a "working" window this time, stupid working window!!! keep the pics coming, I will try to post some pics of the basement all framed up and insulated.

  2. Everything looks amazing Danielle! I think trim completely transforms a house and I'm so jealous that you have so much done already! I especially love the boxes in the foyer. Your house is looking awesome!

  3. Hi Danielle
    It has been a while! What a pleasure to see you working consistently on your home. Everything looks amazing!